Seda Star

If your Health and Mental Health allows you please keep the door open for the people who has this problems

-Mentally Ill people

-Angry People

-Fearful People

-Multiple Personalities

-Depressed people

-Drugs Addicts

-Sex Addicts

-Obsessive Compulsive behaviours

-Obsess people

-Traumatised people

-Suppressed people

-Sad People

Keeping the door open for them accepting them and love them than you can guide them to the right people with the right information who has the specialised expertises

All you need to have is love in your heart and the Strength to do it .!!!

No Fear if you can do it all you need to show is love and Listen others

All this issues I mentioned above and more people didn’t deal with their problems and they didn’t know how to , that is the big reason it is lots conflict and war in the world,?

Please think this properly and understand it all in the deeper level! Understanding is the key ? of the peaceful World ?

Love and Light ?


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