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I Am The Energy Flow !

Are you the Energy Flow ?

Are you Flowing with Life or You can not move you stuck ? Why ?

Is your mind stuck or your body stuck which one ? Or both mind and the body stuck?

Do you have enough energy in your life ?

Do you have energy stealers around you ? Are they stealing your time your time each day and your energy like a Vampires they are sucking out of you ? Are you drained and complain all the time ?

How do you want to spend your each day do notting or do what you love ? Do you know do What you do you love ?

Do you know also love is Energy?

How do you feed your soul to keep the love growing ?

Are you stressed all the time ?

Is your energy clean, positive or your energy is negative and affecting you and affecting people around you ?

Do you have Adrenaline deficiency now recently or over the years?

Do you have illnesses in your body ?

Are you sick ? Are you addicted to sickness and that’s more make you sick and you don’t know how to come out from it?

Do you know if the energy stuck and dose not flow you creating illness is in the body and eventually affecting the mind ?

Do you know which one affecting you mind or body or surrounding or yourself?

“When The Mind Dose not Move Life Doesn’t Move “

-Seda Star –

Energy Conservation

( more questions and hidden answers with my own Experiences to share with you and guide you to self discovery and the self Mastery! )

How we spend our time is very important in our daily life. We must ensure that we are using our time in a way that will best serve us.

For example,

Are you talking too long on the phone?

Are you watching too much television every day?

Are you going out and having coffee with friends too often and to long ?

Are you obsessive about housework?

Are you always looking after kids and not setting aside ‘me’ time? Do you go to pubs, gambling, smoking or drinking?

Are you arguing all the time with people around you and waisting your energy and your time ?

Do you know time is Energy?

Energy is Money?

Are you dreaming all the time and not achieving anything?

You might wonder, “How do I know where I am going wrong?” Whether it’s a work or leisure activity, a simple test is to ask ourselves several times a day, “Is this the best use of my time toward realizing my goals?” Or you could ask yourself, “Am I balancing my time in the right areas?” Be honest with yourself. Time with friends is great and necessary but must be balanced with other activities that will create the ‘new’ you.

‘Creative avoidance’ is when you do the simple or most pleasurable things in your life that keeps you too busy to address the issues necessary to achieving your goals. Consider things such as: “Even if I am not beautiful, I can be clean and tidy and dress well”; “I can always be outgoing and friendly”; “I can always smell nice and be a good friend.” “I can always have nice things to say.” “I can be the kind of friend people want to be with”.” You must set your own agenda and write it down.

Divide your goals into work, health, personal and relationship categories, and give them a priority. Refer to each category and ask yourself,

What do I want to achieve in my life?

In what areas would I like to improve?

How important is this to me?

How would I rate each goal on a scale of one hundred? What is it that makes me really happy?

Never Give Up

Be firm, be the warrior, believe in yourself. Once you know the deep inside what is the most important things for you and understanding the how is the energy works and valuing the Energy understand what is Energy is witch is Life you will change all your life around.!

Very Simply and powerfully to understand the energy you must also understand each words each alphabets comes out from your mouth has a big power big energy , as you speak the words it creates energy it creates vibration in the body , in the air. Positive words creates positive powerful vibrations , negative words create negative vibrations it is that Simple ones you understand.

Always Choose your words very wisely ! If you can not control yourself your mouth time to start controlling the energy, than not control energy flow with energy ones you become the master of it over the few weeks , few months or few years? It is up to you how long you will take to change your words to change your life and mastering all.!!!

Energy is not easy to control and with control it may not work because you may not know what to do and you can make yourself sick, if you don’t know what activities to do it may not work? if you don’t understand the every bit of it in details than you can Master it

You have to learn

Practice each day

Discipline each day

Understand each day

Forgive each day and more and more to it

You have to have strength to do it each day

You have to have vision focus to do it each day

You have to have big love to do it each day.

You have to have energy to do it each day.

You must have the courage to do it to be who you want to be each day , become who you want to become and spend your time with who you want to spend time with each day , how you want spend your time with each day

As you already know as a Dancer all my life and mover ,writer an author,and inspirational speaker over the years I have Mastered my own energy with lots complications I have faced in my life,

I have experienced, danger, health issues , trauma so on ! Me Overcoming from my all challenges in decades I know that I Am Put on this Earth for Helping others and because of that I have survived from all the challenges in my life ! I have worked and still working with higher Power, I Am working with the greater Creator and also I have few very important people who came into my life as a Mentor who I looked up to and I listened to it and

I practiced all what I listened and learnt from them over the years , with my highest InnerSelf intuition guided me until now to create and do my gifted Healing Movements and Affirmations to help others and my self, My Affirmation Programs that I have created over the years I practiced and I do it over and over over again like a Religion to me,

ones, I realised that I Am Guided by the creator and so Powerful .!!!

When I released how this all works I have always created what I want in my life and I always make it happen what I always want in my life always , don’t you think it is amazing? Don’t you like to find out how this puzzles, energy, Magic works ?

Remember they say

“Focus on what you want not what you don’t want “

If you like to put in Practice and learn to master all or start with mini but very very powerful steps here I give you my Biggest Gift now but please promise you will learn and so it ok.

First Step I want you to do my Healing Empowering Affirmations each day without giving up, because I have created them specially for you in the darkest time of my life and I healed my self powerfully and I believed in my self so much you have no idea how big it is,

My Affirmation Programs has a Healing Property in my them because why and how I know because I have created and I charged them with healing Energy and Self Healing Power ! It is not that great? Yes it is only for you and I know with your standing up working on yourself this programs are going to work for you for definitely I Am Sure.

Just Believing that is the Biggest Step you can start with Faith.!!!

Now Please Practice my Affirmation over over over over again!

I Am The Energy Flow !

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