I Am The Angel. I Am The Healing Spirit. Seda Star.

Hi I Am Seda Star I Am The Healing Spirit!

I Am 4th generation dancer in the family and writer and inspirational speaker

I had a trauma in my Childhood

Trauma and the event made me realise I had to look after myself. No-one was there protecting and looking after me. It was a selfish world and people are cruel special my father use to forced me to get up from the bed and work ,he used to say to me work you are my slave you are my dog and had to push myself from the bed when I was sick and work and stay at home and no go to the school, not eating well been forced to do many things for many years. I was angry with the world and my immune system was shuttering down ,getting lots illness ,thyroid, Hassim Otto auto immune disorder which is body attacked itself and killing all the good bacteria in the you have more bed cells I used to feel when my body was attacking me  weakening my immune system, getting weak in my body, affecting my speech I could have the voice to speak out so I would shut up all the time and suppressed all my feelings and used as a slave when I was little ,developed more health problems including pre diabetes, leaking gut and more I use to get panic attack and fearful of my life thinking what is going to be next health issues and I was going to die soon one day. Than I took responsibility of my self my health by isolating me from others to lose my self in the thoughts and find my self and I because so strongly believe in myself and I have started healing me ,healing my mind ,healing my body and gaining more health and strength for the change and better future for my self and something came to me like a whistle in my ear. I was not just survivor I was the Warrior Hero flew from the Sky and with Angel powers of positive in me who wanted always help others since I was a little girl and I could not ,and When I have isolated my self I find out that lots people they need my help and I Am on a mission for a big reason ,I said to my self I will serve others help them as possible as I can to change people life around ,give them hopes and dreams give them vision what they may think that they maybe lots!

This is 2020 Coronavirus takes people life around the world but also lots people dying from their immune system is weak like I used to be or they are dying because of self lost fear .I know what is going on in peoples mind because I know I have been there my self.it is a terrible place to be it is so dark and deep almost not possible to come out it is almost not able to come out from it and feels like sometimes it is not worth to be alive ( remember that is not truth it is false self talking to it and if you are listening and not to listen that deep dark minded voice please )

As I said earlier Since I was a little girl I knew that I always wanted to help others

Now I would you to please be open mind it I Am Ready to teach and show you how to overcome challenges in and lives full field life instead and you feeling dying before you even died.

PROMISE ME NOW YOU WILL LISTEN AND PRACTICE AND BE OPEN MINDED OK .!!! If you have questions also please write your question in the note book so you can look at them go over again to find the questions to find the solutions to it.

I Believe Affirmations can change your life and change your life around and

I Am put on this earth to dance, empower and free people from themselves

I Am The Freedom !!!

Do you want to have Freedom in the world ?

Do you want to have light in the world ? in this darkest time ?

Do you want people to be healthy in this uncertainty health treating time ?

My Message to you all from my Holy Rock in Sydney today is

I have few very Powerful Healing Affirmations here right now I Want you to practice with me now and be open minded.

I Am The Endless love is your first Affirmation

Feel you are loved, loving  and you always been loved always.

We are all love creator created us with love

I want you to visualise that your heart is open and you have big heart for people

Do you want to be Healthy and maintain your health in this life treating time ?

Do you want boost your immune system and have strength instead of fear of dying ?

I want you to take a deep deep breath and I want you to feel oxygen in your body all the oxygen in your body is communicating with all the cells in your body feeling good and lighter ,I Want you to feel all the oxygen goes around your body you are healthy and you are the health. As you breathing say it

I Am breathing Oxygen in the Body

I Am breathing out life 

And feel it when you are saying it

Now you say I Am Healthy

I Am Healthy

I Am Healthy

I want you to own it when you saying it

I Am the health

I Am the health

I Am the health

Feel that you are healthy and you are the health and your immune system is strong you have the strength

And now as you breathing in your Body and feel all the oxygen in the body and as you breath out say it strongly in deep down feel it when you say it

I Am The Strength

I Am The Strength

I Am The Strength

Feel that Strength is in you you are that strength to overcome challenges in life you are you are that strength !

My Next question again is do you want to have Light in the world in this darkest time

Can you see the light is in you you are the light we are all light can you see it ?

Now I would like you to take a deep deep breath again feel the oxygen in your body oxygen travels every part of your body communicating with each trillion cells in the body they are sparkling shining light and shining from inside your body and out ,you are that light, you are the light can you feel it ?

I want you to feel it visualise it and own it.

Please now repeat with my Healing Affirmation

I Am The Light in the Darkness !

I Am The Light in the Darkness !

I Am  The Light in the Darkness !

I want you to know that you are the light and you have strength to be in the dark to be the light !

Do you want to have FREEDOM in the World ?

Do you want people to be Free ?

Are you Free ?

Do you want to be Free ?

Lets practice with me now again

Take a deep breath

Feel the oxygen in the body you feel all the cells in your body is freely moving in the body you feel free !

Please repeat with me now !

I Am Free in The Mind

I Am Free In The Body

Feel that you are Free and visualise it .

You can say also

I Am the Freedom

I would like you to practice this is my powerful healing and Empowering Affirmations to build your immune stay healthy overcome challenges in life and be Free!

If you want to have light in the world practice to see light is in you

If you want to have Freedom in the world practice to Free yourself from yourself to be the Freedom in the world to make changes in the world !

You are the Endless Love !

You are The Health

You are The Light in the Darkness !

You are The Freedom !

If you like my Self Empowerment Healing Affirmation Programs Please Subscribe to Seda Star youtube channel and have share my affirmations with your love ones and for programs please visit www.sedastar.com

I Am looking forward to see you, you are the health of light and the Freedom in the World

Copyright@sedastar 2020

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