I Am. Self Empowerment Clothing Lines- Seda Star ⭐️

1. I Am. Self Empowerment Clothing line: I believe that it is through your clothing that you express who you are without having to speak. So I seek to empower my customers to be more confident in their own skin, rebuild their lost self esteem, and show the world who they truly are through her newly launched “The Seda Star ⭐️ self empowerment clothing line “. The colours of the clothing are white and blue, which respectively stand for purity, clarity, health, and healing, and transition, overcoming, and transforming into a better self.She hasexclusively hand picked the best fits for you so that you feel super comfortable relaxed, and rejuvenated, which will help you rediscover your best self and conquer the world!

I Am. Pants ? $175 Blue and White writing ✍️

I Am The Health Pants ? $175 Blue and White writing ✍️

I Am. T-Shirt $65 White and Blue writing ( as seeing in the picture

I Am The Health t-shirt $65 ✍️

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