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Seda Star is a wellbeing lifestyle coach that helps her client's transition to a more confident and positive state through the use of movement, dance and affirmations.

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I Am Seda. I Am the Dance!

World renowned Human Behavioural Specialist Dr John Demartini, You know him from The Secret movie. Seda Stars' book endorsed by him

"Through this book of Seda Star you can now be inspired, feel lighter and simply dance through life." -Dr John Demartini -Author of Inspired Destiny

Move the Mind Move the Body - Trapped by the mundane, and overwhelmed by negative family experiences, at the end of each day Seda waited to be alone with her music and dance. Facing her loneliness Seda created Seda Dance, a freeform style of dance movement received from her highest self. Seda only became aware of the depths of her innate dancing gifts, when she won first place in a dance contest at the local children's disco. On that day began, not just a successful dancing career in Turkey and Australia, but a path to spiritual freedom, self-discovery and joy. I am Seda, I am the Dance is a self-help book about tapping into this innate mind, body, spirit dance connection - Dance Prayer.

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Seda Star Holy Rock
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Jennifer Kwok
Jennifer Kwok
06:38 30 Sep 22
Amazing intergalactic uplifting Seda is a star ? we need to see you back in the morning show with your dancing and... affirmationsread more
Maria Fernandez
Maria Fernandez
05:05 26 Sep 22
You Are a very nice, friendly, beautiful, charming ? positive person, I love your energy and dance ? looking forward... to attend the classes and see you on your Holy Rock affirmations ,read more
Helen Monnaie
Helen Monnaie
05:54 24 Aug 22
Seda star is down to earth and not afraid to simply be herself. She leads and inspires others to live life according... to your own values and dreams. Her affirmations are a great way to inspire yourself to live a masterful life according to your own values. Seda is.a beautiful soul with a huge heart and purpose.???read more
Dr. Erdal OZKAYA
Dr. Erdal OZKAYA
11:35 09 Aug 21
Seda is a great human being as well as an inspiration which can brighten up your days with her daily affirmations . If... you need motivation , she is the one . I highly recommend anyone to follow her and her amazing journey to empower the best version of ourselves.I bought her book few years ago, and since then I am following her , so should you 🙂read more
Susmit Rahman
Susmit Rahman
18:54 02 Aug 21
Seda Star is an amazing personality and Seda Star Holly Rock is a Devine Beauty. It's the place that will refresh your... mind and soul. The Seda Star Affirmation Programs are great for regenerating the energy of your mind and soul. It helps you to heal your mental disturbance and make your life more
Aynur Altunsu
Aynur Altunsu
12:05 27 May 21
Seda Star is so inspiring and full of motivation. Her daily affirmations brighten up my days. I highly recommend... anyone to follow her and her amazing journey to empower the best version of ourselves. Thanks Seda ?read more
SOJO Essential Wellness Sophia Hatziandreou
SOJO Essential Wellness Sophia Hatziandreou
03:03 24 May 21
Thank you Seda for your amazing affirmations for health and wellness on you holy rock! you are an inspiration and we... love having your i am products in our wellness centre. Thank you for visiting us and supporting us here at Sojo. We are so grateful for your wisdom and light and positive nature. The energy you bring is so beautiful!read more
Nevin Yilmaz
Nevin Yilmaz
03:34 23 May 21
Seda is always positive and she is spreading her vibes all around,so people can think and be themselves and to look... life in a positive light direction and this is something you need to hold on as life is too short for been negative,I am practicing everyday life.Thank you Seda keep doing what you are doing more
kevin lee
kevin lee
22:51 26 Apr 21
Seda Star.Holy Rock is a sacred place for Seda Star. It is the epicentre of a cosmic reality; in which Seda embodies... a sensual and vibrant presence.Transcendental philosophies are manifest in her teachings and wisdom; dance movements and colour are her more
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