Seda Star Self Empowerment Products Information

Seda Star ⭐️ Self Empowerment Products!

Did you always want to buy something for yourself , for your family and love ones something very beneficial in your daily life ?

I have a great News for you !

Seda Star ⭐️Self Empowerment Products are designed to have a Healthy Lifestyle!

I have something for everyone!

?Do you have a busy life ?

?Are you busy yourself socialising with others to make you feel better rather than socialising with deepest self to know thyself?

?Don’t you know how to connect with yourself without connecting others due to the loneliness and fear to ask questions yourself ?

?Don’t you know how to love ? yourself?

?Don’t you know how to start, where to start wand hat to do ?

?Do you feel confused ?‍♀️? No Clarity in your life ?

?Can’t you Focus?

?Is it too hard to stay in Self Dicipline ?

?Do you have anxiety problems?

?Do you have trauma in the past and try to stay strong now ? facing challenges in life but seems you can’t?

?Are you struggling and having a stress disorder?

?Are you not sure who you are and where you are and you don’t know what you want to do now and the next ?

?Are you in depression and fatigue problems?

?Are you isolated yourself from yourself and others in a wrong way ?

?Are you worry of speaking your truth feelings ?

?Are you fearful?

?Are you Adrenaline deficiency?

More and more questions… ask yourself.!

Seda Star ⭐️ Self Empowerment Products are carrying certain energy ? power magic in each of product is to make you feel better about yourself and create yourself how you want yourself to be and be Empowered.!

Be Emotionally intelligent !

Create the love ? and power magic inside of you, yourself and the world ?

How do you love ? yourself? How will you love ? others and how would you treat yourself and treat others the same ?

Love ???is the power !

“Heal The Mind

Heal The Body

Heal The World ? “

-Seda Star ?-

?Affirmations Seda Star ?



?Self Reprogramming

?Self love ?













?Real Happiness

Affirmation Products

?Book Self Help handbook “ I Am Seda. I Am The Dance ! Seda Star ⭐️ creates Affirmation Movements for helping, healing, having healthy body and mind, also and Empowered. They are all in the book ? $40

Special price $30

?Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmation Cards are designed to reprogram your mind to think differently and heal the mind, the body and guide you in the right direction with the Cards of Seda Star ⭐️ this Affirmation cards are designed with Star ⭐️ Magic carries very strong Healing ? Power !

Self Healing property within them !

Also, ( you will be able to have Life Guiding session with Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmation cards book (you can purchase separately online ) $40 cards special price $30

?Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmation Audio CD ? to reprogram your mind and teach you how and why to say I Am understand the ? power of I Am be really totally connected with your deepest self $30 special price $25 ( listen everyday at your home ? or in the car ?

?Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmation none toxic massage & meditation ?‍♀️ Lavender & Cucumber ? candle ?

This ? candle has Affirmations on them to remind what Affirmations you have, then draw each time when you light ? the candle ?

And after meditation ?‍♀️ you will be able to have a massage and rub your skin with candle totally natural and organic ! Big size candle ? at home ? meditate before you sleep ? if you like and want to have a massage ?‍♀️

$60 special price $50

small size candle ?


$30 special price

?Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmation Body Mist

None Toxic Natural all organic Grapefruit Body Mist !

This body mist also has Affirmations to remind you what Affirmation you have to do each time you use the Body Mist !

You can carry in your bag ? use it anywhere. You can even use at the beach in summer? on your body and face Anti-ageing High Antioxidant! ( constantly reminding yourself Affirmations and very good for you is Bonus )

?Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmation T-Shirts

T-shirts when you go out wear the t-shirts that reminds you who you really are

Available in 2 different colours with Seda Star ⭐️ Holy Rock photo on the t-shirts is also available without photo only Affirmation on the t-shirt

I Am The Shining Bright Light ? ?

I Am The Angel

I Am The Abundance

Wear Seda Star ⭐️ t-shirts in your daily life and remind yourself and others how beautiful you are ! And you are now in the future bright light ? get obsessed about the shirts ? ?


$39.99 special price

?Seda Star ⭐️ Holy Rock & Affirmation Hat ?

Wear your Affirmation Hat ? to remind yourself your potential how magical ?‍♂️ you are !

Seda Star ⭐️ Holy Rock picture hat ?

Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmations Hat ?


$29.39 special price

?Seda Star ⭐️ Affirmation Holy Rock Key ? rings for your home ? car ? storage

Each key ? ? has a Different Affirmation on it to remind yourself your Affirmations everyday anytime you open the door ? which you are opening the key ? to your heart ???and look deep deeper yourself and find yourself with the key ? is in your hand ? always!


$19.99 special price

When you buy a present ? to yourself and others please think ? twice before you buy it and by something that you can benefit others!

Mental Health Mental Struggles are big in the world ? specially in Australia ??

Australia ?? has the highest suicidal

country in the world ?

Why don’t you want to buy a present ? to others to make them mentally stronger! Additionally, with stable mentality, they all cannot be weakened easily and stay inside the world ? not outside of the world ? make people around happier! Healthier! Build them stronger so we all can be happy and we all can make a different in the world ?

Love is the key ?

Give the key ? NOW!

If you want to order all the products I will also give you 10% discount $10 discount of total

For order my products please visit my website and email me in

Note ? if you run a Medical ? center

Retreat center

Holistically Healing shops ?

Where you think ? this Self Empowerment Products are suitable please let me know

You can buy this products anywhere around the world ? and sale in the shops ?

Please let me know if you are ?‍♀️ running any charity events specially with mental health

Thank you ? to you all

Please share thank you ?


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