Discover what Seda has to offer


Offering an eclectic mix of Yoga and Dance Prayer, Seda’s classes will help you calm the mind, relax the body and re-energise yourself . Come and learn Movement and Dance Life Method from Seda with her dance philosophy with her affirmation movements to help heal the mind and the heal the body and Seda performance with energy cleansing.


Seda is a true born star who can dazzle the audience with her unique style of dance. Her performances have been described as a magical mesmerizing and unforgettable – she is unquestionably one of the best belly dancers in the world today. Seda is a multi-talented performer that can dazzle and impress.


Seda is a published author and DVD instructor with a range of products available for you to take home. Oder online to bring the world of Seda Dance into your everyday life. With a range of candles, apparel, body mist sprays the compliment her books and DVD you can re-energise yourself whenever you are feeling deflated or un-centered.