Aerobics Oz Style Belly Dance Fitness DVD

Aerobics Oz Style Belly Dance Fitness is Seda Star’s first DVD, featuring an all-new exciting exercise program SEDADANCE BellyRobics- from the internationally-known Aerobics Oz Style team as seen on Channel 10. Seda, an A-class belly dance teacher/dancer/choreographer/judge/model ­/publisher, introduces belly dance in the fitness industry by joining with dynamic Oz Style instructor Taryn Noble and the team. This DVD shows step-by-step how you can combine high-intensity aerobic fitness principles with the beauty and grace of belly dance movements.

In this 55-minute workout, you will learn moves which will require a different type of control and fitness to regular aerobics, which will challenge you body and achieve results. This combination, which Seda developed way back in Turkey, helps strengthen and tone abs, back, arm and leg muscles while increasing flexibility and improving posture. Have fun while shaping up with this enchanting and innovative fitness concept.

Belly Dance for Baby DVD

Have fun learning the ancient art of belly dance at home. It’s for everyone – beginners, pregnant women and the little ones.

The highly acclaimed and expert recommended Belly Dancing for Baby, with music by Ethem Zeytinkaya, is an easy, step by step instruction on how to increase your flexibility and put you in the best possible shape for having a baby. While having fun learning a new dance, help improve your flexibility and posture, strengthen your belly and back muscles and build self love and confidence.